Why Self traveling is more Advantageous

The Modern people begin to love to travel, but due to the different familiarity of tourist destinations, different travel experiences have resulted in different travel modes. Some people like to travel with groups and others like to travel by themselves. However, But strange friends cannot help but ask, what is the meaning of self-help travel? What does it mean to travel with a group? What is the difference between self-help travel and group tour?

Self-help travel, but also can be called free exercise, travel with the traditional group with a completely different way of traveling, tourists need to travel before their own travel plans to make arrangements for the route, and then set back to the transport and ticketing and accommodation, catering, that travel The whole process is up to you. The benefits self-travel is following;

Freely arranged route attractions

According to your own interests, fees and other arrangements to go the route attractions, the journey will be more enjoyable.

Free choice of accommodation type

You can book your favorite guest houses, pubs, and other special accommodation, you can also eat local specialties according to their own tastes, more relaxed and comfortable.

Free choice of transportation

According to your own mood, economic level and other factors to choose their own means of transport, such as working families usually prefer to save time by plane, while students tend to take the train more money. General tours are chartered shuttle various attractions, and self-help travel can also try to take the local bus, subway and other means of transport, from another way to understand the local cultural environment.

Journey without time limit

Completely according to your own time arrangements for travel itinerary, do not need to strictly comply with the tour group rules of the various attractions of the play time, do not need to waste travel attractions in various groups, eat waiting for tourists time, you can play at will, A scenic spot, play a few days is no problem.

Get satisfied and fulfilled

Free exercise (self-help travel) From the departure before the development of the route, cost estimates, car (machine) tickets and hotel reservations, tickets for all kinds of attractions and other work are scheduled to be completed by your own planning. The smooth realization of the entire free journey enables you to learn a lot of things, but also to improve the ability of independence, satisfaction, and accomplishment gained in the free exercise is with the tour cannot understand.

Experience another kind of travel surprise

Self-help travel and travel groups are very different, on the trip can be more real, more in-depth understanding of the local cultural practices, specialties, etc., but also from different places like the self-help ALICE sharing a travel experience, Enjoy the beauty of tours ignored. At this time you will find that a self-guided tour is full of surprises and happiness.



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