Some of the Attractions that Are a Must-See When Visiting Budapest

Visiting Europe and particularly Budapest gives you a chance to see one of the best places possible. Budapest is home to plenty of attraction sites and there are numerous things that you can do. There is something for everyone regardless of your interests. The beauty of Budapest is that it gives a unique experience to its visitors.

Szepmuveszeti Muzeum

As an art lover, this is a great place to spend your time. This museum that was opened back in the year 1906 is home to the largest collection of artworks from Spain that is located outside the country. There are plenty of permanent and temporary exhibitions. One of the must-see artwork and the highlights of the museum is a horseman sculpture by Leonardo da Vinci. Italian works dating back to the 4th century, Egyptian, English and Dutch works are all available at the Museum of Fine Arts. 


Designed by William Clark and Built by Adam Clark back in the year 1849, the Chain Bridge is a must-see attraction in Budapest. During WWII, the bridge otherwise known as Lanchid was damaged, but it was not repaired until a century later. The advocate of constructing the bridge, Count Istvan Szechenyi, could not cross the river to bury his father and that’s why the bridge was built. 

One of the best times to visit this landmark is during summer when festivals are held here. Whether you want to visit the bridge during the day or night, you will not be disappointed. It also offers stunning views of the surroundings. 

Opera House

With an auditorium huge enough to hold 1,200 audiences, the Budapest Opera House is one of the world’s best. Milkos Ybi, designed this Neo-Renaissance building that resembles a horseshoe was opened in the year 1884 and today, it is one of the most visited attractions in the country. If you want to see a performance here, you can attend an evening one. The statue of Ferenc Erkel, Hungary’s National anthem composer and the first Opera House director and that of Ferenc Liszt a Hungarian composer can be seen outside the Opera. 

Whether you are an art lover, you love watching theater performances or you love history, Budapest, the capital of Hungary is an amazing city to spend your time in. besides the attractions, the city has a rich culture.

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