No Time to Travel? Transform Your Home into a Paradise

Many of us live from one holiday to the next. Forever looking forward to the next escape from our boring, mundane lives. However, it shouldn’t be this way.

Sure getting away is great, no doubt. But with a few changes around your home, you can gain that traveling feeling while never actually leaving your home.

Now I know what you are thinking, and yes, some changes will cost more than others. But how much you do will all depend on your budget.

Once you know what you want to achieve it is all about shopping around and keeping an eye out for discounts. For example Impact Air Solutions constantly has special prices for air conditioning installation in the months of winter and spring, leading up to summer. 

Woah air conditioners? That’s right, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Instead, let’s approach this in a logical manner.

Step 1 – Consider Your Budget

Before starting any project around your home, you really must first consider your budget. By setting a limit to your overall spend you will ensure you are able to complete your transformation and not run out of money midway. 

When money is limited you probably think there is nothing you can do. However on the contrary. There is always something you can do to bring new life and transform your home. With less money, you just need to be more creative.

Step 2 – Picture Your Paradise

In this step, you need to think about what makes you happy. Where are the places around the world you want to travel to? What brings you joy and excitement?

By capturing elements of these places in your home transformation you will be happy to spend time at home.

Step 3 – What Are You Working With?

Next step is to assess your current home, to see the current state of things. Take a look around your home and think what items or features fit into your picture of paradise. 

Maybe some items can stay or some may need a complete makeover. Just take notes of what you definitely want to keep, what must change and what may need a slight tweak.

Step 4 – Creating Your Plan

This is where you need to get creative with how you are going to get from your current state to your picture of paradise whilst working with your budget.

If your budget is high there is no stopping you. Maybe you are considering completely demolishing some of your homes and rebuild. A brand new spa bathroom sanctuary?

If your budget is mid-range there are still plenty of new additions you can add to your home. For example, as mentioned before a new wall-mounted or ducted air conditioning in your home. This really allows you to control the climate of your home to suit your needs, any time of the year.

But if you really have no or very limited budget then it’s time to get creative. Research arts and craft ideas based on your picture of paradise. Look in second-hand shops, markets or budget stores and you will find plenty of materials to work with. 

Step 5 – Putting Your Plans into Action

This is where the magic happens.

What you end up doing will all come down to your imagination, creativity, budget, and planning. But keep in mind that no matter what your budget is, the sky is always the limit in terms of creative options. 

With careful planning and consideration, you can create your own personal paradise at home.

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