Most surprising Gift Ideas for Travelers

Thinking about giving your loved ones Christmas? If like us, the traveling soul is like, you might want to use a few tips for travel gifts from purely practical to imaginative creations, to a trip like a folding kayak!

Bear Grylls survival kit

This is a gift for true adventurers. The set can either be bought ready or can be set up individually or added according to your taste. It must not miss a multifunctional knife, things to make a fire, catch a fish, a signaling mirror, a sewing, a compass, a rope. Just a well-bent pussy!

Travel Bible – travel guide

If you want to go to the world on your own, you do not know how to get started, this book must not escape your attention. Tourists like beginners like to see it, but the world-renowned world-tourists come to see them. The book from the authors Petr Novák and Matouš Vinš exist in electronic form.

Travel Bible – notes      

Lovers of old good paper and pencils. This is an object that, if you fill up with your journey experiences, gains inexhaustible value. Especially sentimental. You can donate the Travel Bible stylish notebook in both the empty and later described the state. There are two interchangeable notebooks included in the note. Besides, you can hide money, tickets, cabinets, or even a passport in the middle of the paper.

Fast-drying towel

Who would not want it? He literally dries in front of his eyes and almost ignores nothing. The microfiber towel you put into the pidiballo cannot be left at home and will make it fun for anyone who is going far, but light.

Backpack in your pocket

Ultra-slim, sturdy and in some versions, a 100% waterproof backpack will be appreciated especially by those who do not want to pull a small backpack on the plane or shorter excursions. A backpack with a capacity of almost 30 liters can be folded into the size of a tennis ball!

Merino wool socks

Do you know what we offer to you as a non-original and unpopular “soft” gift? Errors, socks with Merino wool have excellent compression to prevent swelling, beautifully heat, and a great sweat. By your spirit, you just get out of the tent!


This one-time gift will save lives. Do not worry about quality, choose one that lasts at least 30 m, it is waterproof and shockproof and the light time is at least 80 hours. For about CZK 500, you will definitely get the right firefly for your adventure!


For travelers who cannot or cannot cut off from the “online” world, we recommend this practical gift. Recharging your phone or reader can be as practical on the move as it is pleasant. Do not even worry about this gift and take a look at its charging capacity (mAh). A smartphone sometimes needs a great jerk!

Original camera strap

This is a creative gift for creative souls. The camera itself is hard to buy as a gift; however, an attractive and cheerful strap made of high-quality material will surely please every photographer’s traveler.

Scratch map of the world

It is already a well-known classic, which is not to be imagined. In addition, this black-and-white is equipped with a special fix, which allows you to paint, plan, and erase it. You will not be packing in your backpack, but you will always be waiting for yourself at the wall on the wall to get you back off the gold.

GoPro camera

For those who love to document each crazy adventure, GoPro is a cameraman. Fešanda Hero5 Black has a waterproof 10m without cover and touch screen!

Lifestraw – water filtration for journeys

Do you know the straw that filters up to 1,000 liters of water, and you can drink almost anywhere? In Asia, you will no longer have to buy dozens of PET bottles and wait for the tours to begin when the filter tablet starts to work. This is called a non-payment assistant!

Bamboo brush

Tip how much you use your toothbrushes for your life. It’s hard to figure it out, but it’s certain that we’ll make plastic waste for our lives for the salient dentition. Why not teach your teeth ecologically? Bamboo grows rapidly and is not being treated with pesticides. And what else can you do at heart? The type of bamboo from which the toothbrushes are produced, disgusting pandas. So you do not even have a sympathetic teddy bear to eat!

Voucher for travel insurance

Perhaps the most practical Christmas gift for travelers is travel insurance. We will be glad to prepare a voucher on request. Perhaps our tailored insurance collapsed in the Exploring or Sea. And why not a year-round Multi Trip insurance for those of you who travel more often? You will be taken care of by the insurance of each individual trip and, in addition, you will be hiding it on our mobile phone thanks to our application.



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