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Travel tips to make everywhere you go feel like home

No Time to Travel? Transform Your Home into a Paradise

Many of us live from one holiday to the next. Forever looking forward to the next escape from our boring, mundane lives. However, it shouldn’t be this way.

Sure getting away is great, no doubt. But with a few changes around your home, you can gain that traveling feeling while never actually leaving your home.

Now I know what you are thinking, and yes, some changes will cost more than others. But how much you do will all depend on your budget.

Once you know what you want to achieve it is all about shopping around and keeping an eye out for discounts.

Step 1 – Consider Your Budget

Before starting any project around your home, you really must first … Read the rest

Some of the Attractions that Are a Must-See When Visiting Budapest

Visiting Europe and particularly Budapest gives you a chance to see one of the best places possible. Budapest is home to plenty of attraction sites and there are numerous things that you can do. There is something for everyone regardless of your interests. The beauty of Budapest is that it gives a unique experience to its visitors.

Szepmuveszeti Muzeum

As an art lover, this is a great place to spend your time. This museum that was opened back in the year 1906 is home to the largest collection of artworks from Spain that is located outside the country. There are plenty of permanent and temporary exhibitions. One of the must-see artwork and the highlights of the museum is a horseman sculpture … Read the rest

Things that you should know about Travel Advisories

As a traveler, you should ensure that you are up to date with travel advisories. Different countries will issue travel advisories in different categories, depending on the situation and from time to time. This has many effects on your travel plans especially when the advisory says that you should not travel.

What Prompts Governments to Give Advisories?

Major conflicts such as political wars and internal issues are the main reason why travel advisories are given. The other major reason is when that country has high rates of terrorist acts and militants. When foreigners are highly targeted, then there will definitely be a travel advisory and it’s advisable that you avoid that destination by all means necessary.

How are Travel Advisories

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Fascinating Things that are a Must do in Las Vegas

The most you have heard about Las Vegas or Vegas as many call it is all about shows and casinos. It is a city of excitement when gambling is quite popular. Besides the casinos and the night life, Vegas have a lot to offer to its visitors. There are so many activities that you can engage in to be bored.

Get Aboard the High Roller

For a perfect aerial view of the strip and Las Vegas at large, you should get aboard this 520 feet in diameter wheel. You can take the spectacular view of the surroundings from the best angle. Taking about 30 minutes to go round, the High Roller has 28 glass-enclosed cabins with each having a capacity … Read the rest

Rent a Motorcycle and Have an Amazing Holiday

There are different modes of transport that you can choose from. It’s amazing that different destinations will offer unique ways of getting from one point to the other. While most people opt for cabs, flights, trains or buses, there other ways that you can make the best out of your vacation. Renting a motorcycle is one of these ways. 

Why Rent a Motorcycle

A motorcycle will not only be more affordable than other options, but it is more convenient and easy to use. You will not waste time in traffic and you will not have to pay for extra services. 

  • Saves you money-Motorcycles do not consume a lot of fuel thus they will save you gas money
  • Offers a great
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How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

Traveling by air is the fastest way to get to a destination thousands of miles away. While some people enjoy taking flights, there are others who get clearly bored by the shortest flight.


If you are not busy doing something such as reading a novel, doing some assignment or watching a movie, the flight may seem longer than it actually is. There are plenty of things that you can do to mentally shorten your flight time. 


  • Watch Movies

It feels good when you are totally lost in a movie or series. You do not realize how easily time flies away. Airlines have in-flight entertainment which can keep you engaged on a long-haul flight. You are provided with headphones.

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How to make your travels more memorable

The goal of every traveler is to have a great time, meet new people and make friends. If you want your travel to be memorable, you are definitely going to do a lot of planning, save money and get your hand on the best deal you can find.

You are likely going to be excited a couple of days before your trip. But what if you happen to hate your travel destination and all you want to do is go back home as soon as you got there.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some effective ways to prevent this from happening.

Open your mind

Don’t be rigid. Open your mind to new cultures, traditions, … Read the rest

How to save money when travelling

The amount of money you spend during a trip does not completely determine if you will have a good time or not. Spending less during a vacation is possible. All you have to do is to plan in advance and determine how much your trip is going to cost you.

In order to successfully save money during your travels, you have to change your mindset. Many have adopted the belief that travel is expensive and requires a lot of planning. The travel industry has created a picture that in order for you to enjoy your vacation, you have to stay in a five-star hotel, eat at a high-class restaurant and visit top class bars.

The truth is that you … Read the rest

The Best Travel Websites To Help You Plan Your Trip

Planning a trip is exciting and a lot of fun, but it can also get pretty overwhelming. Where to go? What activities are there? Which Hotel should I pick? How much will all of this cost? Is it really worth going to that viewpoint or is just famous for being famous?

There are plenty of blog-spots and forums out there trying to answer these questions, but many are confusing, outdated or not really relevant to your questions. Here we have compiled a list of a few a few websites that can make planning your trip a lot easier!



Airbnb is a wonderful website that provides alternatives to booking hotels. Locals put they’re a room, an apartment or entire houses … Read the rest

Most surprising Gift Ideas for Travelers

Thinking about giving your loved ones Christmas? If like us, the traveling soul is like, you might want to use a few tips for travel gifts from purely practical to imaginative creations, to a trip like a folding kayak!

Bear Grylls survival kit

This is a gift for true adventurers. The set can either be bought ready or can be set up individually or added according to your taste. It must not miss a multifunctional knife, things to make a fire, catch a fish, a signaling mirror, a sewing, a compass, a rope. Just a well-bent pussy!

Travel Bible – travel guide

If you want to go to the world on your own, you do not know how to … Read the rest